I have a mullet, do I have to order two sets?

We can produce the rim decals in a mix of two sizes, so mullet owners only need to order one decal set.

Just select one of the sizes on the product page, then make sure to write us a message during the checkout process!

How much do your decals cost?

Check out our shop to see what your decals will cost.

Most decals have a few different pricing levels that reflect the manufacturing efforts that go into them.

Any tricks to nail the install perfectly?


Install is a breeze. Before we mention a couple of install techniques, please remember this.

When you first start lining up the decal, only lightly touch it down. If you are not happy with its position, gently peel it back up. These things are durable and so long as the environment is clean you can re-stick them.


Install technique 1

Your decal comes with a centerline. Partially peel the decal off the backing until just past this center line. Bend the backing on the center line.

Now you have a clear defined centerline to align.

Install technique 2

Your decal comes with a centerline. Peel the area around your decal off the backing… stick the outline according to the centerline on your bike.

Now you have a clear stencil to align your decal to

Install technique 3

Take a piece of masking tape and stick it so that one edge aligns with the centerline and the tape overlaps the edge of the decal. Do this top and bottom of the decal and the centerline.

Now you have a centerline, the side of the masking tape, to align your decals.

Install technique 4

If replacing old decals, when you peel them off your bike or fork, you will likely see a slight outline.

Align your decals with the outline.

Install technique 5

Free ball! These are decals, get styley!




Do you provide a proof?

No, we do not send out proofs. We developed the Slik Decal Customiser so that you could see your decals before you bought. While screen colour varies, we have positioned the colours to be as correct as possible. If you’ve chosen a colour match swatch, we’ve done our due dilligence.

Not happy when you received your decals? Get in touch and let’s sort it out!

Can you colour match my frame/pedals/grips/helmet/shoes…?

Yes we can! Colour matching is our speciality.

Step one: check out our library of decals and choose your favourite.

Step two: Customise your decal, included in the customiser are a ton of pre-matched brand colours.

Step three: Still don’t see the colour you are looking for? There is a colour request function in the customiser below the swatches. Write in the details. Pantones & RAL reference colours are ideal (be sure to be checking against a swatch book, not an internet image as screens are different), but if you put your bike model we can work with these as well.

Step four: Put your order in, if we require any follow up to your instructions, we will reach out.


Do you do custom decal projects?

Occasionally, we take on custom decal projects that are more involved. With limited time, we can only do so many of these projects and select them based on availability and relevancy. Custom decal projects cannot be returned.

If you are interested in discussing a custom project, please complete a Custom Project Request form.

Do you do decals for this Model/Year/Size?

Our site is the most up to date catalog of our decal designs. If you don’t see it, we don’t have it on file.

Please complete a Decal Request form, and we will do our best to add the model!

How do I order custom decals?

Through our Online Decal Customiser!

All of our decal designs are available to be used with the Slik Graphics customiser. Choose a base design, then choose your colours and custom text (if applicable). Add to cart and sit impatiently while the shipping gods do their thing.

If you want a colour that is not available in our swatch groups, be sure to use the colour request function of the customiser.

If you are looking for a custom project that is more involved, please see the FAQ on custom projects.

Have fun!


Do you have any pictures of XXXXX?

We may!

Be sure to start by checking out our Social media channels, we post a ton of photos there.

If you are still looking for something, feel free to drop us a message and well see what we can dig up. Please be patient as this can be a time consuming activity!

Can you send me a promo/discount code?

Sorry, we don’t have any!

We keep our prices consistent throughout the year, so you can be sure that there won’t be a sale starting up tomorrow.

That being said, if we do run any promotions, we will post them to our social, give us a follow!

Can you do a colour change on my frame?

Sorry, we do not offer colour change kits. This is a very difficult process, and we’ve not been impressed with results, but you could contact your local vinyl wrap company.


How come I have not received a response to my e-mail?

Thanks for reaching out! We are a small team, and we do our best to respond to emails in a prompt fashion, however we do sometimes get overrun.

We ask that you check out our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If not, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that custom project and decal requests messages have a lower priority to our orders admin, we hope you can understand this and look forward to supporting you!


How can I pay for my order?

We offer both Credit Card processing and Paypal.

All our credit card transactions are processed through Stripe, and we do not store any of your card information.

Paypal offers you the ability to pay with credit cards or Interac through their gateway. Or you can use your Paypal account on their platform.

We do not offer any other payment methods.

How long does shipping take?

As part of the checkout process, you will see the available shipping options and prices. An estimated delivery date will be available for DHL Express shipping.

Please read our shipping page for full details and approximate shipping times for all destinations.

You will receive a shipment confirmation email with the available information for your shipment.

Slik Graphics does not guarantee shipping delivery times for untracked and tracked letters. Please wait 14 days after the expected delivery date before contacting regarding a potentially lost shipment.

DHL Express shipments have full tracking and estimated delivery dates.

Can I pay in my native currency?

Slik Graphics website uses technology that automatically switches and converts currencies to your BILLING country currency. Upon first visiting our site, the system will automatically check your location based on your IP address. When checking out, if your billing address country does not match, the system and pricing will automatically change to reflect the appropriate billing currency. If you are using a VPN, this may interfere with the correct operation of this functionality when you first visit the website and you will see a different currency.

We do not have a manual override for currency and we MUST charge based on the currency of your billing address which matches your card, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Upon purchase, your credit card will be charged in the currency shown at the rate shown. If this is the same currency as your card, no exchange or fees will occur.

Can I change, edit or cancel my order?

All Slik products are made to order. As soon as we receive your purchase it enters our production process. We can apply changes, but it is important to get in contact asap.

If you made a mistake, email EMAIL US  with your order number, or complete a Contact form along with your change instructions and we might be able to catch it. If your order has shipped our returns policy will apply.

If you need a different product to the one that has already shipped, we suggest placing another order while we process your return. We do not have an Exchange process.

All orders are shipped from Sweden and may be subject to applicable import taxes in your country. We cannot edit your invoice to display an order value less than we have charged you to reduce your import duty bill.

Full Returns & Exchange Policy

Shipping information page

Can I return my products?

Yes we accept returns of products purchased on Slik Graphics website.

Products must be unused, not damaged and not peeled from the backing. All original tags and stickers must still be attached. Apart from the box, if it doesn’t still look brand new, we can’t sell it as new!

We recommend that all returns are shipped back to us with a tracked service.

To process your return quickly, please send an RETURN REQUEST contact form with the following minimum details.
Your Name
Order Number
Date of purchase
Product: Item description and quantity (individual item or all items)

Please see the full Returns Policy for more details.

Where is my order?

All shipped orders receive a shipping confirmation email the day that they are shipped. If you haven’t received one – please check your junk mail too!

If your shipping service includes tracking information, this will be provided in the shipment notification email. If this is the case, click on the tracking link to see where your product is currently on its journey and the anticipated delivery date.

The level of tracking details for a ‘Tracked letter’ varies depending on location, it is normally scanned at departure and then arrival at destination country – no detailed tracking during transit.

All delivery times for untracked and tracked letters are estimates, we cannot guarantee delivery times. Please wait 14 days beyond our estimated delivery times before contacting us if your item has not been received.

DHL express is a courier service with full tracking and estimated delivery date.

Please read our shipping information page for more details!

RideWrap Protection Kits

Can I order just one or two replacement pieces for my RideWrap?

Yes you certainly can. We work closely with RideWrap and the best way for you to do this is to reach out directly to RideWrap here. They will ensure that you have the correct pieces and are setup for success!

I ordered the wrong kit, can I exchange it?

We do not have an exchange process. If you need a different item, please make a return for your existing order and place a new order for the correct product.

Can you remove RideWrap bike protection?

Realistically, there is no need to remove your RideWrap as it is always a selling feature for the next owner and with self-healing features it stays looking great. BUT if you want to remove the kit it is super easy and user-friendly using a gentle heat to soften the adhesive bond, then peeling it off gently.

We have chosen our adhesives so that they are removable. This balance between bond and removability is very important as paint quality can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. This being said, please always use heat when removing as paint quality is highly unpredictable.

My model/year/size is not listed, can i use this kit instead?

Tailored protection kits are designed to be model and size-specific. If all the model, year, and size details do not match your particular bike, we do not have a perfect match yet for you. We wish we did.

RideWrap puts in a huge effort to source and design as many kits as possible, however, there are always some that they have not had the pleasure of acquiring yet. There are a few options that we have in this case:

Bring RideWrap your bike

Their shop in Whistler is where all the magic goes down, bring them your bike and they will be happy to take measurements and create a kit for your model. Get in touch with them to make it happen.

Check out the Covered Kit

While we know its not the full coverage of the Tailored kit, we have used our deep library of bikes and data to design these bike frame size-specific kits. We used all the measurements that we’ve acquired in order to design a kit that offers the max coverage with minimal trimming. In addition, these kits offer the most protection by film area available per dollar spent.

Put in a Kit Request

Drop RideWrap a kit request and they will A) do our best to source your particular model B) let you know as soon as it is available.

Are there any RideWrap install videos/tutorials?


Each kit ships with detailed installation instructions. Be sure to read them before you start your install.

Also, they have a video. Everybody likes videos.


Do I need to fully pull apart my bike to install?


You only need to remove wheels, chain, and guards (non-stick on type) to install a RideWrap Tailored Protection Kit.

For Covered and Essential kits you need only remove as needed.

What is self-healing film?

RideWrap films have a self-healing top coat that allows light scuffs, scratches, and marks to dissipate with either direct sunlight or a gentle heat using a hair dryer; it’s tough to explain, but they literally disappear. We often show customers this process by scratching up some extra film and taking a hair dryer to it; it really is a cool feature and in the end, it keeps frames/forks looking fresh for so much longer than unprotected.

Are RideWrap protection kits DIY friendly?

The kits are absolutely DIY friendly. They have approached the product two-fold for our customers, a rider can easily grab a couple of beers and install the kit over a couple of hours, or they can visit one of the fantastic Certified Installers to have the full-service experience.

All kits come with the required installation tools and very detailed instructions.