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Chill out on a summers day with the mellow pastel tones of Rainbow Glacier.

Rainbow Glacier Collection

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Hazy greens, purples and blues against a starlit sky. Let the colours of the Northern Lights brighten up the trail.

Northern Lights Collection

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The RockShox Ultimate suspension series represents the pinnacle of suspension design. From the DebonAir spring to the wicked red lowers and chrome graphics, this range is a head-turner.
Slik’s RockShox Ultimate collection, officially licensed by SRAM RockShox, offers the latest Ultimate graphics for the Sid, Pike, Lyrik, and Boxxer models in both black and coloured forks allowing your to replace damaged graphics, or give your suspension some custom decal style.

RockShox Ultimate Collection

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You can never get enough black.
Real Stealth brings your black mountain bike component addiction to the next level. By combining matte and gloss finishes into one decal, Slik Real Stealth decals allow you to keep your branding while simultaneously sucking the light from the trails soul with the deepest of blacks. Available in select decals, your riding crew will be begging you to spill the deets.

Slik is a fully licensed producer of Fox decals.
Arguably the most popular mountain bike suspension brand on earth, Fox products are ubiquitous with performance and style.
Slik has a long-standing reputation for being the place to get aftermarket Fox decals. When you pick a replica decal you can be certain that the design will be on point, and the colours will match and pop.

Fox Aftermarket Collection

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Masters of Turquoise, Yeti is one of the few instantly recognizable brands.
Slik colour matching of the Yeti bikes and custom Yeti decal designs are all you will need to style up your race-bred, ride-driven bike.

Woah man, I remember that trip.

Mirror Chromes as shiny as your wedding band.