Install is a breeze. Before we mention a couple of install techniques, please remember this.

When you first start lining up the decal, only lightly touch it down. If you are not happy with its position, gently peel it back up. These things are durable and so long as the environment is clean you can re-stick them.


Install technique 1

Your decal comes with a centerline. Partially peel the decal off the backing until just past this centerline. Bend the backing on the centerline.

Now you have a clear defined centerline to align.

Install technique 2

Your decal comes with a centerline. Peel the area around your decal off the backing… stick the outline according to the centerline on your bike.

Now you have a clear stencil to align your decal to

Install technique 3

Take a piece of masking tape and stick it so that one edge aligns with the centerline and the tape overlaps the edge of the decal. Do this top and bottom of the decal and the centerline.

Now you have a centerline, the side of the masking tape, to align your decals.

Install technique 4

If replacing old decals, when you peel them off your bike or fork, you will likely see a slight outline.

Align your decals with the outline.

Install technique 5

Free ball! These are decals, get styley!