You are unique, your bike should match.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a world cup contender, or a team manager, Slik Graphics has a mountain bike decal product for you. We supply custom sticker kits for a bike build, a trade show special, or your team livery.

Custom As Standard since 2007.

Like most, Slik was founded out of the sheer frustration of a lack of options. While living in Les Gets and working at the hotel where the World Cup riders would ‘rest’ their heads, one couldn’t help but drool over the kit that was coming through the doors; top of the line bikes styled to the max, with a matching kit to boot.

A question arose, ‘Where can I get this stuff?’. The answer was clearly ‘nowhere’. Starting with a Yeti DH9, Slik as a concept began to take shape. Sell the car, quit the job, buy a printer, move into Mum’s garage, and get to it.

With over a decade long focus on design accuracy, precision production, and a commitment to the customer Slik has delivered over 400000 decal kits, spanning 35420 square meters of specialty film, to over 69 countries; Slik is the place for mountain bike decals and stickers for riders across the board.

Slik In The Gates

  • Slik’s first World Cup bike graphic 2007. Fort Williams, Giant Factory Team
  • Sam Hill: 2018 & 2019 EWS champion.
  • Jared Graves: 2014 EWS champion.

Behind the Sticker

Slik has been refining the art mountain bike stickers for over a decade; one of the core reasons we began this work was due to the inability of a quality decal. There are a few key reasons that a Slik decal stands above the rest.

Precision Design

The basis of each mountain bike decal is its design. Whether it is a Slik // Enve Official wheel kit or a replica fork decal, an accurate design means that you are starting with the right information.

Slik creates their designs by way of brand partnerships, licensing partnerships, and real-world measurement. We have a penchant for precision and no decal leaves our facility unless we would put it on our bike.

Quality Materials

Different uses require different material considerations. Whether it is super durable materials used for the cranks or the shiniest chrome to replicate your Lyrik Ultimate fork decals, Slik has done the research and testing to ensure that your decals will last in the real world. Oh and don’t forget to add additional protection for your bike and decals by way of our partnership with RideWrap.

Custom Equipment

We’ve got the design and the materials, to bring it all together and deliver an outstanding mountain bike decal product, Slik has cutting-edge machinery designed specifically for the purpose in a controlled environment. Our machines are fine-tuned and customised to product decals specifically for mountain bikes. They are able to reproduce the right colors and are calibrated to do so. The end result is a product that you are excited to wear with pride on your ride.

A Commitment to Earth; We're stuck here.

Our planet is important and we don’t have any others to work with. While, yes, we produce a product made predominantly of plastic, it is super important to our team that we make a considered effort in reducing and offsetting our environmental footprint.


We recycle! Our production team runs a tight ship on waste and by-products; cardboard, paper, inks, plastics are all processed in the most environmentally way…even the coffee goes in a compost bin.

Green energy

We are proud to run 100% on energy generated from renewable sources, wind to be precise.

Climate offset

We offset our staff’s climate impact via GoClimateNeutral. Certified by Gold Standard and backed by WWF and other international organizations, GoClimateNeutral uses funds raised to invest in climate offset projects all over the world. While we continue to reduce our local impact as we can, the team is excited to supporting additional initiatives to further reduce emissions and climate change and keep our planet beautiful.