Stan's Grail CB7 Decal Kit

Slik mountain bike decal kit designed for Stan's Grail. This design was in production in 2021, 2022.

Colour Selection

Spark your creativity with these designs

Colour 1:

Slik Standard Colours

Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Tennis Yellow Light Blue Dark Blue Purple Pink Bright Pink Light Grey Medium Grey Dark Grey Dark Metallic Grey White Gold Metallic Silver Black Almost Black

Slik Patterns

Galaxy Northern Lights Tie Dye Metallic Oil Slik Rainbow Glacier

Camo Patterns

Digi Army Camo Snow Camo Army Camo Ocean Camo Fire Camo Red Camo Yeti Camo Swamp Camo Digi Snow Camo Desert Storm

Animal Prints

Big Cat Zebra Pink Zebra Cow Orange Cow


Real Tree Camo Fine Leaves Olive Fine Leaves Green Fine Leaves Mono Smokey Oak From Above Rust Sahara Beyond Unknown


80's Geo 80's Fresh 80's Memphis


Canadian Camo Green Flannel

Tasty Treats


Slik Special Colours

Renthal Gold Metallic Maxxis Gumwall Titanium Frame Hope Orange Hope / Deity Purple Hope Blue Brushed Aluminium Dark Bronze Chris King Turquoise

FOX Fork Colours

Fox Factory Orange FOX Factory Metallic Grey FOX Kashima FOX 38 Pistachio FOX 40 Battleship FOX adjuster blue

Fork Colours

DVO Green DVO Blue DVO Brown Formula Violet Ohlins Logo Yellow Ohlins Coil Spring Yellow Boxxer Red SiD Blue Zeb Slab Gray Lyrik Meadow Green

Santa Cruz 2024

2024 Bronson Chalk White 2024 Bronson Yellow Logos 2024 Nomad Liquid Blue 2024 Nomad Dark Red Logos 2024 Bronson Sockeye Salmon 2024 Bronson Avocado Logos 24 Jackal 4.1 Bacon 24 Hightower 3 Cardinal Red 2024 Heckler Dark Pewter 2024 Heckler Dark Pewter Logos 2024 Blur Gloss Spring Green 2024 Heckler/Blur Matte Silver 2024 Blur Matte Silver Logos 2024 Nomad Gloss Marigold 2024 Nomad Gloss Marigold Logos 2024 Megatower Gloss Purple 2024 Megatower Gloss Purple Logos 2024 Megatower Gloss Carbon 2024 Tallboy Aqua Logos 2024 Bullit Gloss Carbon Logo 2024 Bullit Matte Cider Logos 2024 Bullit Matte Cider

Santa Cruz 2023

2023 Megatower V2 Matte Nickel 23 Megatower V2 Orange Logos 23 Megatower V2 Trans. Blue 23 Megatower V2 Green Logos 23Hightower V3 Matte Evergreen 23 Hightower V3 Orange Logos 23 Hightower V3 Trans. Purple 23 Hightower V3 Green Logos 23 Heckler Avocado 23 Heckler Blue Logos 23 Tallboy Ultra Blue 23 Tallboy Pink Logos 23 Heckler Maritime Grey 23 5010 V5 Gloss Red 23 Nomad 6 Gypsum 23 Nomad 6 Orange Logos 23 Tallboy Gloss Melon 23 Tallboy Gloss Melon Logos 23 5010 5 Matte Nickel 23 5010 5 Matte Nickel Logos

Santa Cruz 2022

22 Bronson 4 Paydirt Gold 22 Bronson 4 Grey 22 Bronson 4 Gloss Moss 22 Bronson 4 Blue 22 Hightower 2 Gloss Carbon 22 Hightower 2 Matte Melon 22 Megatower Amarillo Yellow 22 Megatower Storm Grey 22 Tallboy 4 Flatte Earth 22 Flatte Earth Logos 22 Tallboy 4 Gloss Aqua 22 Sockeye Salmon 22 Golden Yellow 22 Chameleon Logo Raspberry 22 5010 4 Stormbringer Purple

Santa Cruz 2021

21 Nomad 5 Adder Green 21 Nomad 5 Magenta 21 Tallboy Ivory 21 Tallboy Gypsum 21 Bullit Lavender 21 Bullit Yellow 21 Hightower Ember 21 5010 Loosely Blue 21 5010 Raspberry Sorbet 21 Nomad 5 Oxblood 21 Nomad 5 Logo Gold 21 Heckler Fog

Santa Cruz 2020

20 Highland Blue 20 V10 Grey 20 Nomad Eggplant 20 Aquarius 20 Red Tide 20 Bronson Yellow 20 Bronson Olive 20 Hightower Desert 20 Hightower Orange 20 Stormbringer

Santa Cruz 2019

19 Bronson Industry Blue 19 Nomad Orange 19 Bronze / Bronson Gold 19 Chameleon Blue 19 Nomad Olive 19 Fry Sauce 19 FS Green 19 Skye Blue 19 Slate 19 Sunset 19 Eggplant 19 Bronson Primer Grey

Santa Cruz Legacy

Nomad Aqua Nomad Magenta Kalimotxo Tennis Yellow Wicklow Green Mk1 Hightower Orange Nomad Tan Hightower Mint Slate Blue Sriracha Bronson Orange Process Blue SC Ink Blue 5010 Seafoam Nomad Emerald Chameleon Moss

Industry Nine

Industry Nine Red Industry Nine Orange Industry Nine Purple Industry Nine Pink Industry Nine Turquoise Industry Nine Blue Industry Nine Green Industry Nine Lime Industry Nine Gold Industry Nine Spectrum I9 Logo Spectrum I9 Logo Spectrum White

OneUp Components

OneUp Composite Orange OneUp Composite Turquoise OneUp Composite Red OneUp Composite Purple OneUp Composite Blue OneUp Composite Green OneUp Aluminum Blue OneUp Aluminum Purple

Stan’s OEM Colours

Stan's Gray Stan's Orange Stan's Blue Stan's Green Stan's Purple Stan's Copper Stan's Red Stan's Aqua Stan's White


Specialized Moto Green Specialized Hyper Specialized Rocket Red Specialized Acid Mint Specialized Acid Kiwi Specialized Acid Pink Specialized Storm Grey Specialized Nice Blue Specialized Acid Lava Specialized Blue Ghost Specialized Blue Ghost Fade Specialized Satin Raspberry Specialized Arctic Blue Specialized Satin Blaze Specialized Ice Blue Specialized Satin Doppio Specialized Cobalt Blue Specialized Satin Redwood Specialized Satin Brassy Yellow

Specialized 2

Specialized Limestone Specialized Satin Olive Green Specialized White Sage Specialized Sage Specialized Lagoon Blue Specialized Dark Teal Specialized Sand Epic World Cup Impasto

Transition Bikes

Transition TR Blue Transition Sentinel Pinot Transition Sentinel Loam Gold Transition Scout Desert Tan Transition Scout Olive Transition Patrol Sagebrush Transition Spur Deep Sea Green Transition Spur Copper Transition Spur Black Powder Transition Smuggler Bone Grey Transition Neon Teal Transition Smuggler Orchid Transition Huckleberry Transition Sentinel Misty Green Transition Smuggler Espresso Transition Repeater Mossy Green


Trek Rage Red Trek Viper Red Trek Dnister Black Trek Volt Trek Miami Trek Coral Trek Teal Trek British Racing Green Trek Marigold Trek Magenta Trek Factory Orange Trek Roarange Trek Olive Grey Trek Olive Green Trek Baja Yellow Trek Penny Flake Trek Lithium Grey Trek Quicksand Fade/Sand Trek Olive Fade Trek Mulsanne Blue Trek Nautical Navy

Trek 2

Trek Dark Aquatic Trek Slate Trek California Sky Blue Trek Crimson Trek Galactic Grey Trek Remedy Bronze Logos Trek Fuel EX Bronze


Orbea Purple Orbea Lemon Yellow Orbea Sky Blue Orbea Electric Orange Orbea Bright Red Orbea Warm Orange Orbea Pure Red Orbea Fuchsia Orbea Mint Green Orbea Valley Green Orbea Orbea Blue Orbea Navy Blue Orbea Continental Blue Orbea Graphite Orbea Silver Orbea Mouse Grey Orbea Rise Red Gold Orbea Rise Carbon Blue Orbea Leo Orange Orbea Lichen Green


Juliana Dijon Juliana Cerulean Joplin Dusty Mauve Joplin Rose Joplin Misty Blue Juliana Roubion Sage Juliana Roubion Orange Juliana Roubion Blue Steel Furtado Pinot Juliana Ultra Violet Juliana Evergreen Juliana Strega Green Juliana Maverick Violet Juliana Maverick Matte Cider Juliana Roubion Matte Fuchsia Furtado Aquamarine Juliana Wilder Palisade Peach Juliana Wilder Sunshine Yellow Joplin Bluebird


Yeti Turquoise Yeti Metallic Grey Yeti Yellow Yeti Beti Coral Yeti Storm Yeti Spruce Yeti Lime Yeti Glacier Yeti Brick Yeti Watermelon Yeti Radium Yeti Sangria Yeti Sage Yeti Cherry

YT Industries

YT Assault Green YT Liquid Metal YT Ghostship Blue YT Lava Red YT Vlad Red YT Capra Beige YT Ghostship Green YT Chalk White YT Deep Petrol YT Jeffsy Storm Grey YT Jeffsy Coral YT Blood Red YT Gore Red YT Fallout Yellow YT Blue Lagoon YT Capra Nox Blue YT Jeffsy Peanut Butter YT Sludge Green YT Deep Yellow YT Arctic Blue

Evil Bikes

Evil Don't Shoot Orange Evil Smashing Pumkin Evil Coral Reefer Evil Reigning Blood Evil Slime Ball Evil Toxic Sludge Green Evil Foam Roller Evil Angry Dolphin Evil My Boy Blue Evil Megalodon Blue Evil Space Bot Evil Yogurt Truck Evil Protein Powder Evil Baja Fog Evil Drunken Olive Evil Absinthe Evil Freddie Mercury Evil Wasabi Shadow Evil Rusty Trombone Evil Muddy Waters Evil Fallout Green


Druid Gloss Moss Druid Gloss Moss Logos Druid V1 Mr Brownstone Druid V1 Mr Brownstone Logos Druid V1 Blue Steel Druid V1 Blue Steel Logos Druid Midnight Velvet Druid Midnight Velvet Logos Druid V1 New Growth Druid V1 New Growth Logos Dreadnought Blue Heat Dreadnought Blue Heat Logos Druid Cosmic Eggplant Druid Cosmic Eggplant Logos Dreadnought Deep Space 9 Dreadnought Deep Space 9 Logos Druid V2 Spruce Almighty Druid V2 Yellow Logos Druid V2 Purple Logos Dreadnought V2 Teal Dreadnought V2 Grey


Pivot Orange Pivot Dangerfruit Pivot Sea Foam Green Pivot Blue Ribbon Pivot Slate Blue Pivot Pacific Blue Pivot Steel Blue Pivot Midnight Blue Pivot Glacial Green Pivot Northern Lights Green Pivot Desert Sage Pivot Mojave Pivot Blue Denim Pivot Mint Relic Pivot Neptune Blue Pivot Treeline Green Bass Boat Blue


Ibis Vitamin P Ibis HD3 Green Machine Ibis Ripmo Tangerine Ibis Ripmo AF Red Savina Ibis Mojo SLR Blue Ibis Bug Zapper Blue Ibis Ripmo Metallic Blue Ibis Ripley Steel Blue Ibis Ripley Steel Blue Accent Ibis Oso Storm Blue Ibis DV9 Teal Ibis Ripley LS Blue Ibis Protein Shake Ibis Bone White Ibis Star Destroyer Grey Ibis Oso Forest Service Green Ibis Pond Scum Green Ibis Ripmo Olive Ibis Ripmo Copper Ibis Ripmo Charcoal

Army Camo

Army Camo Army Camo 1 Army Camo 2 Army Camo 3 Army Camo 4

Flags Europe // Rider ID

UK Switzerland Netherlands Wales Germany England Finland Denmark Sweden Scotland Italy France Spain Portugal Austria Belgium No Flag

Flags World // Rider ID

USA Australia New Zealand Canada Brazil South Africa Japan Israel Philippines Hong Kong South Korea California


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Colour 1:

Mirror Chromes

Silver Chrome Gold Chrome Red Chrome Blue Chrome Brown Chrome Purple Chrome Orange Chrome Holographic Rainbow Chrome


Metallic Silver Metallic Gold Metallic Copper Metallic Kashima


Neon Orange Neon Green Neon Pink Neon Yellow

Foil Combination Colours

Spot Black Spot White Spot Grey Spot Dark Grey Matte Black


Colour request?

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Welcome to the Slik decal customiser, where custom is standard.

How to customise

Its easy to select decals that your style.

Start by checking out some of the inspiration using the dropdown menu. You will see the colours automatically changing on your decal preview

Looking to edit the colours further? Click the Edit Colours button.

For each of the custom colours, you can select and view the different swatches.

Be sure to check out the different swatch groups to match your needs, or check out some of the Foil options. (note that you cannot mix Foil and Full Colour print options)

Add the decal to your cart and checkout!

Finish options

We offer Matte or Gloss finish options.

Gloss is shiny and reflective like a car. While Matte is dull and not reflective.

Both finish options are optically clear laminates and will not modify or fade your colours. In fact, the laminate protects your colours!

Looking for a different colour?

Not a problem, we are masters at colour matching.

Simply click Colour Request and fill in some details about the colour that you are looking for.

Most effective is a Pantone or Ral colour number, or put your bike or fork make, model, year, and colour and we will match it up as best we can.

Finish Selection

Choose a decal finish.

Decal Customisation Summary


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Slik Graphics mountain bike decal kit designed for Stan's Grail.

Custom As Standard. It’s up to you! The Slik decal customiser is one of a kind and is built for you to explore your creativity. Colour match your bike, choose from custom patterns, or request a wild Pantone colour. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll take care of the rest.

This is an officially licensed product. As a fully licensed aftermarket manufacturer for Stan's we print your decals from original artwork ensuring unmatched quality and perfect fitment every time. We are proud to be working with Stan's and we do everything possible to ensure the quality of these products and our service meets and exceeds your expectations as a Stan's customer.

Slik has been the choice of riders, shops, pros, and racing teams for over a decade. Refined manufacturing techniques and conditions are essential to producing the highest quality decals and stickers. At Slik a combination of custom, bike-decal specific, printing machines designed for vibrant colours, colour matching, and pecision within a controlled environment ensure that we consistently deliver the highest level product.

Slik mountain bike decals are printed on Pro-grade vinyl and then laminated to your selected finish. Pro-grade laminated vinyl is very durable at a 7 year rated lifespan and includes protection from UV light as well as scuffs, and scratches.

Once you receive your decals, installation is a breeze. Simply clean the surface diligently from any grease, lubricant, or dirt with the included Decal Install Cleaning Wipe and then align and apply your decals.


On screen colours and patterns are the best representation of the decal as you will receive it. Due to the variance in screen type and settings, colours and patterns may look different. At Slik we care about the quality of your decal, if you’ve chosen a branded colour we’ve done our homework on the best possible colour match, and that is what we will be making for you.


One set of decals includes 2 x decal sheets, one for each wheel. The product image shows one decal sheet.

8 x Stan’s Grail CB7 decals, 4 x Stan’s logo decals, 2 x Valve Decals, Slik Graphics logos.

Slik Decal Install Cleaning Wipe


Fits Stan’s Grail CB7 models. This design was introduced in 2021.


Pro-grade vinyl. Color accurate print, laminated for durability, and precision cut. A transparent top sheet is applied and precision cut. No need for scissors, just peel and stick!

The transparent top sheet is removed after application, leaving the decals behind on the rim.

Laminate finish in either Matte or Gloss.

Foil decals that include mirror chrome will be produced in your selected finish and then mirror chrome will be applied on top.