MTB Fork // RideWrap Covered Protection Kit

Protecting high risk areas of the fork. The Covered Kit offers a generic fit for forks to cover the lowers and crowns.



Protecting high risk areas of the lowers and crowns. Covered Protection offers a universal fit for forks to cover high wear areas.

Designed, engineered and tested with proprietary technology in Whistler, BC.
  • RideWrap protection film is virtually invisible. Optically clear protection means your paint and Slik Graphics decals will be the center of attention.
  • RideWrap protection film is self-healing. This means that minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day.
  • RideWrap doesn’t like dirt. A low surface energy means that less dirt sticks to your bike and is easier to clean.
  • RideWrap protection film has with a 10 year warranty against yellowing and cracking.
  • Never requiring removal and always keeping your bike looking great, a Tailored Protection™ kit is a unique selling point when off-loading your ride.
  • RideWrap is available in either matte or gloss finish to match your factory paint and is nearly invisible once installed.

For more details about RideWrap™ check them out.

Genuine RideWrap™ bike protection accessories and materials.

  • Fork coverage: ~75%
  • Fork kit weight: ~35g
  • Warranty: 10 years against yellowing and cracking
  • Finish Availability: Clear Gloss or Clear Matte
  • Included in the box: Install instructions and key, RW Cleaning Wipe, RW Install Solution Concentrate, RW Squeegee, RW Microfiber, and RW Sticker Sheet.