In 2007 Slik Graphics was established to provide a custom decal and graphics service to mountain bikers all over the world. Our aim was simple; to design and produce the highest quality decals that we would be proud to have on our own bikes. That aim continues to this day and we are always testing new materials, production methods and investing in new equipment to stay on top of our game. In October 2012 Slik Graphics moved, along with it's owner, to Sweden where we will continue to provide the cycling world with high quality, mail order decals.

So whether you’re a weekend warrior, a privateer or a race team manager, Slik Graphics has a product for you. We can supply a custom one-off graphics kit for a bike build or a trade show special, right up to high quality production decal kits in large quantities. We also offer a full race team design solution including bike decals, jersey design, rider I.D., vehicle graphics, banners and paddock solutions and finally helmet wraps.


Many of the decals and graphics we produce can be customised to your individual requirements. Simply purchase the required product as normal then email your custom colour/logo options to info@slikgraphics.com stating your order number in the subject line. If there is anything we are unsure about we will email you to confirm the design and supply proofs on request. Please email us before requesting neon/fluorescent colours.

If what you require isn't on our site please get in touch. We have templates on file for many different makes and sizes of bikes and we are always adding to our catalogue.

Full Custom Orders
We can design and manufacture decals in any style you can imagine to fit any bike, mx bike, vehicle, or anything else you can apply a decal to. Creating custom designs from scratch is a premium service and quotations will be provided on an individual basis. If you wish to enquire about this service please send us as much information as possible including:

- Make, model, size, and colour of your bike/forks/vehicle/object
- A description of what you want on your decals - colours, logos, patterns etc.
- Any other details which may be relevant – quantities, references, images etc.

Custom Order Process
Here are details of the order process for full custom decals.

- Initial enquiry from customer
- Quotation and information provided by Slik Graphics
- Full payment due*
- Design proofs provided to customer via email
- Design is approved or declined. Rejected designs will be refined until you are 100% happy with the look of your decals before they are produced.**
- Decals are produced and shipped to the customer.

* Creating designs and proofs is time consuming – we need to be sure of serious enquiries and that we will generate income for the work we are carrying out. In the past we have provided proofs, only for these to be taken elsewhere and copied. Please remember that we will work with you until you are 100% happy with your design. We recommend that you look through the gallery and familiarise yourself with our work before you place an order.

** The proof and refinement process is carried out in good faith. Once an initial design has been agreed upon, the process covers refinements and minor changes to the design/layout/colours etc. It does not cover complete redesigns after the initial proof has been agreed. Thank you for your understanding.


We take pride in the work we produce and we want your graphics to look their best for as long as they can. Our decals are tested by ourselves and our race team every week so we know what works and what doesn't. We always use high quality materials and our aim is to specify the correct material for the job (but not always the most expensive!). Proper manufacturing techniques and working conditions are essential to producing high quality products. At Slik HQ we run a clean, tidy, controlled environment to ensure consistent results every time.

Production Process and Printing Info
For the majority of our decals we use a CMYK printing process using mild solvent inks. This type of printing process can achieve stunning results and is also cost effective and versatile.

We laminate our decals. Laminating is when the printed surface is covered by a clear film to protect the print from dirt, scratches and UV light. This important process keeps your decals looking good for longer than the first ride! The laminate is available in different thicknesses and finishes depending on the intended use.

We have classified the materials we use into four categories:

Moto vinyl is a two part material consisting of a white base vinyl and a super thick, glossy, protective laminate. The end result is a durable decal which is as thick and protective as 'helicopter' tape.
Recommended uses; Forks, Cranks, DH Bikes, Leatt Brace, Motocross/Trials Graphics

A high quality, two part vehicle grade vinyl consisting of a clear or white base vinyl and a gloss or matt laminate. Used for most general decals and printed vehicle graphics it's surprisingly tough and has an outdoor lifespan of 5-7 years.
Recommended uses; Rims, frames, rider ID, general stickers and vehicle graphics

A super fine 'cast' vinyl and laminate designed for application to very curved surfaces such as vehicles and helmets. This is available as a printed vinyl or solid colour which is normally used for vehicle wraps or colour-changes

Die-Cut Vinyl
For our die-cut stickers we use a 5-7 year calendered vinyl. The vinyl is a solid colour all the way through and is very durable. You can specify the use of paper or transparent transfer tape for your decals and we can produce runs of up to 1000 decals in multiple colours.

We also carry other specialist materials such as PVC banner, artists canvas, carbon fibre effect vinyl, window frosting, tint films and reflective vinyls.