Can you remove RideWrap bike protection?

Realistically, there is no need to remove your RideWrap as it is always a selling feature for the next owner and with self-healing features it stays looking great. BUT if you want to remove the kit it is super easy and user-friendly using a gentle heat to soften the adhesive bond, then peeling it off gently.

We have chosen our adhesives so that they are removable. This balance between bond and removability is very important as paint quality can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. This being said, please always use heat when removing as paint quality is highly unpredictable.

My model/year/size is not listed, can i use this kit instead?

Tailored protection kits are designed to be model and size-specific. If all the model, year, and size details do not match your particular bike, we do not have a perfect match yet for you. We wish we did.

RideWrap puts in a huge effort to source and design as many kits as possible, however, there are always some that they have not had the pleasure of acquiring yet. There are a few options that we have in this case:

Bring RideWrap your bike

Their shop in Whistler is where all the magic goes down, bring them your bike and they will be happy to take measurements and create a kit for your model. Get in touch with them to make it happen.

Check out the Covered Kit

While we know its not the full coverage of the Tailored kit, we have used our deep library of bikes and data to design these bike frame size-specific kits. We used all the measurements that we’ve acquired in order to design a kit that offers the max coverage with minimal trimming. In addition, these kits offer the most protection by film area available per dollar spent.

Put in a Kit Request

Drop RideWrap a kit request and they will A) do our best to source your particular model B) let you know as soon as it is available.

What is self-healing film?

RideWrap films have a self-healing top coat that allows light scuffs, scratches, and marks to dissipate with either direct sunlight or a gentle heat using a hair dryer; it’s tough to explain, but they literally disappear. We often show customers this process by scratching up some extra film and taking a hair dryer to it; it really is a cool feature and in the end, it keeps frames/forks looking fresh for so much longer than unprotected.

Are RideWrap protection kits DIY friendly?

The kits are absolutely DIY friendly. They have approached the product two-fold for our customers, a rider can easily grab a couple of beers and install the kit over a couple of hours, or they can visit one of the fantastic Certified Installers to have the full-service experience.

All kits come with the required installation tools and very detailed instructions.