Tel: +44 (0)33 000 10524 (calls charged at UK rate) !
Address: Slik Graphics AB, Svenstorps Gård 1, 716 93 Fjugesta, Sweden

About calling us on the phone...we are a small team and sometimes we struggle to get to the phone if we all have our hands full making decals or packing orders. It gets a bit crazy here at the end of the day.
Please let the phone ring for a while. It is a Skype phone and we might have to unlock the computer before we can answer! Also please observe the time difference. We are GMT +1 hour so you will need to call before 4pm UK time. Thank you!

You may find the answer you're looking for on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
If not, we can be emailed at or alternatively fill out the form below. Please include as much information as possible if your enquiry is regarding custom decals - such as make, model, year, size and colour - to make it easier for us to respond. Thank you!