Mucky Nutz Face Fender

The Face Fender is the lightest and most versatile mudguard available, weighing just 25g including fasteners. It can be used as a fork mounted mudguard to protect the face and fork seals, or as a rear fender to protect your rear shock and/or front mech.

Made from sheet thermoplastic, the profile of the mudguard is shaped such that when installed on the fork, via the hook and loop fasteners, it catches the mud, spray and whatever else you might pick up, that would eventually find its way to your face.

- It stops any muck, horse, cow and dog s***, or snow from being flung into your face.
- It is fitted as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum 'muck' catching.
- It can be used on your 26in or 29er.
- It protects your fork stanchions and brace from getting caked, reducing the need for cleaning and servicing.
- Discretion is its middle name. It's small but effective. Don't just take our word for it! There's loads of positive chit chat on the forums and in the online mags.
- It's the lightest mudguard available!
- Uses hook and loop straps to attach to the brace and stanchions, so it's easy to fit and take off.
- It's compatible with all forward and double sus brace designs.
- It can be used as a rear shock guard on some full sus arrangements.
- When off, it's easy to clean as it's flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you're done!

Available in white or black

If you want even more protection, try out the Bender Fender (XL) below.
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